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How We Help School Groups and Other Organizations


Every school group from the fine arts to sports to clubs needs their own t-shirt. This brings a sense of unity in addition to just looking great for activities and pictures. Not only can Loafer Mountain Apparel in Salem, Utah help your school group get the perfect shirt and other swag with your logo and design or year's theme on it, but we can create a fundraising opportunity for your program by setting up an online store where parents, friends, and relatives can buy their own matching swag to wear at events or anytime they want to show their pride, love, and support for their student in the program.

It works quite simply - every sale through the online portal we set up for your program gives the group a cut, and we fulfill the order and take care of the customer. Easy as that! This works particularly well for evergreen designs that your program will use year-in and year-out, but also works for one-off shirts or swag that have a one-time use case or time frame (such as a special event or a yearly theme).

Church youth groups and non-profit organizations can also benefit from these same features and raise money to help with their important causes, activities, and events. 

Call us today or fill out the form on this page to find out how we can help your group get the custom t-shirts and other apparel and swag that you need and how we can help setup your own online store.

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